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Meetings are held at 7pm on the last Thursday of the month, with exceptions for holidays and meeting space availability, at Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S. Peoria.

January 29 - Oklahoma Scenic River Commision director Ed Fite will give a talk on Oklahoma's rivers.

February 26 - Oklahoma Sierra Club PAC presentation

March 26 - Ann Patton, Tulsa author

April 30 -

May 28 -

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The Tulsa Green Directory is now available. Containing over 700 local listings interested in serving the Tulsa area, this directory is the place to find the very best from energy efficient architecture to farmer's markets to healthy living. On sale at Whole Foods for $2.00

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Conservation in Oklahoma

What if small houses where fashionable?

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"Buy fresh, Buy local" comes to Green Country

Anti-biotics in your veggies - New research indicates that plants that have been fertilized with manure often pickup anti-biotics that are fed to the animals. Nearly 70% of the anti-biotics produced end up in livestock feed. Their manure is then spread on pasture and row crops, including organic vegatables. More info here.

Soil: The Roots of Sustainable Agriculture

Taking Care of What We've Been Given - an interview with author Wendell Berry

Organic Bytes is a weekly newsletter you need if you want to know what you are putting on your table.

Food, and where it comes from

Lets get GMO labeling for our groceries

Hundreds of people from around the United States rallied in front of the White House on Sunday 16 October, urging the government to require compulsory labeling of GM foods.

"Most Americans agree they have a right to know what is in the food they put in their own and their children's bodies, but current federal policy favors the pesticide industry and hides the facts," said Katherine DiMatteo of the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements. "It's time to reset US policy on GMOs," added DiMatteo, who served as a coordinator of the event.

The rally marked the end of a 16-day, 504-km march from the United Nations in New York City to the White House in Washington DC, which DiMatteo said was "an unprecedented effort to win genuine transparency on genetically engineered foods."

The US is the world's largest commercial grower of GM crops, and more than 70 percent of its processed food contains GM ingredients. [Read the Article]

See the Right2Know website for photos and more. See the anti-GM World Food Day events across the USA.

Sign the petition here:

Now's a good time to eat organic. More research indicates a link between pesticide consumption and Parkinson's disease. More info here


Eat fresh foods. The live enzymes act as a catalyst for detoxification.

  • Cabbage speeds up metabolism of estrogen and is useful in colon cancer.

  • Beet juice has cancer-fighting properties, as it is rich in sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, chlorine, iodine, iron, copper, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 niacin.

  • Citrus fruit juices, like lemon, orange and grapefruit, are used by naturopaths as anti-cancer compounds.

  • Studies also show spinach, lettuce and broccoli juice act as antioxidants.

  • While, wheat bran decreases estrogens in blood, wheat grass juice repairs damaged cells in leukemia patients.

When should we compromise our environment - the health of our land?


Study finds that Geothermal energy could be economical in large parts of the US. More info.

Keystone XL pipeline coming to Oklahoma?

The Sierra Club is mobilizing thousands of citizens to contact Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and urge her to fully evaluate the risks of a proposed pipeline that would carry the world’s dirtiest oil from Canada into the United States. 

Clinton indicated this week while speaking at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco that the State Department may be leaning toward approving permits for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, despite the fact that the agency has not finished reviewing the project or thousands of comments from Americans opposing it.

More info here and here. Please read up on it and take action.


What is a Smart Grid anyway

How green is the final economic recovery bill?

Really, really green. Check it out:

$80 billion for clean energy, public transportation and green infrastructure, the largest such investment in our nation's history.

1.6 million new green jobs, including 135,000 green jobs created by a $4.5 billion investment in greening federal buildings -- an investment that your contributions to our online ads helped spare from John Boehner's budget axe.

A 68 million ton reduction in our nation's carbon footprint, a cut equivalent to a city the size of Chicago, IL going completely carbon-free.

Alaska sets a goal of suppling 50% of its energy from sustainable sources by 2025 using wind, tidal and hydro power.

Application for coal power plant in Oklahoma withdrawn. Tulsa World says energy conservation incentives used in most other states can more than make up the difference.

Researchers in Italy have high hopes for a new wind-power generator that resembles a backyard drying rack on steroids. Despite its appearance, the Kite Wind Generator, or KiteGen for short, could produce as much energy as a nuclear power plant.

Until building new nuclear power plants becomes economically viable without government subsidies, and the nuclear industry demonstrates it can further reduce the continuing security and environmental risks of nuclear power—including the misuse of nuclear materials for weapons and radioactive contamination from nuclear aste—expanding nuclear power is not a sound strategy for diversifying America’s energy portfolio and reducing global warming pollution.


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